18 July 2017

SINERGIE signs Allianz Bank “Sogno 2017” trip

Allianz Bank entrusted SINERGIE with the organization of its “Sogno 2017” trip: a format that reunites the company’s directorate, its best financial advisors, Allianz board of directors and its main partners. The objective of the assembly is to take part in a training week, this year arranged in the south-west Sicily, from 17 to 24 June.

The Verdura Resort welcomed Allianz Bank, allocating its entire location to the numerous institutional moments, roundtables and workshops that involved about 300 people. Guests participated in the “Keynote Forum”: an educational appointment finalized to deal with many company-related topics, together with other linked to the future of Italy, under different points of view.

Silvia Bernardi, journalist of the Italian daily newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, hosted the Forum, introducing on stage some speakers of the likes of Francesco Billari (Professor of Sociology and demography at the Oxford University), Nereo Sciutto (President of Web Ranking) and Enrico Giovannini (former Minister of Labour and former President of ISTAT).

Supporting the training sessions, a wide range of entertaining activities planned both on the beach and inside the Verdura’s amphitheater, where it also took place the final gala dinner and the award ceremony of the company’s Top Performers.

The event was another actualization of the relationship between Allianz Bank and SINERGIE. The agency managed the entire logistic and stagecraft, joining in a single project the competencies and professionalism of different spokespersons, distinct locations and entertainment.

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