10 January 2017

SINERGIE Live Communication signs the New Bayer Country Platform

SINERGIE Live Communication closes 2016 with the confirmation of a partnership with Bayer. The agency organized the New Bayer Country Platform event which took place at the Ata Hotel in Milan, on the last 13th December. For this occasion, SINERGIE Live Communication created a brand new format perfectly suitable for the company’s aim to present its new values to more than 300 employees.

Following the Business Partnering’s spirit, with people always more side by side with the enterprise, the attendees learned which changes are going to affect their working routine, in a vision that considers a strong development and performances’ improvement.

Bayer chose an interesting formula to communicate its messages, picking an original idea by SINERGIE Live Communication that called in Walter Rolfo and Masters of Magic to work on the concept.

Thanks to an interactive show and a captivating team building, attendees discovered some abilities before unknown: doing magic tricks.

The entire day was a metaphorical trip from the “Impossible” to “I’m Possible”, an experience to try, in a very tangible way, that successful results are within everyone’s means, people just have to believe it.

Walter Rolfo connected with the audience by orchestrating some games that would recall the company’s principles. The Ata Hotel’s room turned into an imaginary Hogwarts classroom, where attendees became young students just like Harry Potter and, through these mental games, understood that nothing is impossible and that changes can bring great values.

SINERGIE Live Communication worked by integrating several aspects of communication with the ones of spectacularization, defined in harmony with Walter Rolfo. The agency also guided the direction through a valid definition of video and infographic contributions. Masters of Magic was the most suitable choice for this kind of event, because it managed to bring the client’s brief to live, supporting the management of another successful event.

The stage was intentionally basic, it had to give space both to the internalization of contents and to the “one man show” that aimed to transfer important concepts without focusing the audience’s attention on the visual impact. That’s why there was just a rear-projection with only six columns of stage lighting truss and a moving customization of the room, set up with Bayer’s institutional colors. No excess characterized the perfect environment to underline the importance of contents instead of scenography.

Serena Martini, client leader, shared her satisfaction on the collaboration between Walter Rolfo and Bayer, while the company confirmed that “SINERGIE Live Communication represents an excellency with which our collaboration, started last September with Lasonil’s product launch, is destined to become always more efficient”.

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