25 July 2017

SINERGIE again with Medtronic for its 2017 Kick Off event

Medtronic Italy’s Kick Off event took place on 4 July in Milan.

The company, leader in biomedical technology, chose once again SINERGIE to organize an important moment of shared experiences and memories that involved 850 people.

The selected location for the convention was Superstudio Più in Tortona Street, where the Italian employees took part in a memorable day, dedicated to sharing the accomplished results and to the new challenges ahead of the company.

On stage, after the welcome speech by European President, Mr. Rob Ten Hoedt and Regional Vice President at Medtronic Italy, Mr. Michele Perrino, the Top Management was involved in a roundtable – moderated by Neri Marcorè – which discussed company and business topics. The common thread of the entire Kick Off was the “Story”, both as in the cinematographic field and as the continuous flow of professional and personal events that make everyone the protagonist of a life and of the company’s success.

Medtronic’s employees were the protagonists of the event. Those people who made the history of this corporation and that the company itself wanted to engage in three activities, all planned and realized by SINERGIE.

The first one regarded the aspect of contents, prepared and presented by 4 working groups which represented the entire company. The first one to jump on stage was the “Strategic Roadmap” team that, in the last three months, analyzed Medtronic’s field of competences and activities, giving importance to the market trends and to the strategy that it is implemented to dealing with the business. The “One Medtronic” task force presented an image of the harmonious collaboration between each division, in order to reach the objectives; while the “Disease State” group talked about the importance of giving professional, human and technological care to patients. In this way, the company’s activities may influence not only the singular outcome but also the entire healthcare background. The last task force focused on the Culture and presented the values and traits that guide Medtronic’s behavior and attitude.

The second activity of the day was inspired by “Italy in a Day”, a movie project of the director Salvatores, who created a feature film made of thousands of amateur videos, filmed by Italian citizens. Medtronic did the same thing to its employees, asking them to film themselves during a moment of their routine at work. Then, the emotional video “Medtronic in a Day” was created and presented during the convention.

The third and final activity was “Medtronic’s Got Talent”: the format hosted by Nicola Savino, who allowed Medtronic’s people to show their artistic talent. In the jury, together with two employees, also the comedian Katia Follesa, who proclaimed the winner, after the performances of eight prodigies.

The Kick Off organization was entrusted to SINERGIE’s team: 100 people worked tirelessly to deal with every single detail of the event, starting from its claim “Medtronic Stories” and its graphic adaptation, until the staging of every structure, included a 50sq. stage with a curved led screen. In addition, the staff created the entertaining program for the evening.

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