19 September 2017

Davide Sestilli returns in SINERGIE as MIC Division Director

After more than 2 years in Gattinoni as Corporate Development Manager, Davide Sestilli, former logistic manager and Sales Director in SINERGIE, returns to SG Holding’s Live Communication agency as MIC Division Director.

Davide’s task will be to coordinate the relationships between the MIC Division, its Units, and the group’s other Divisions. Thanks to his multi-year career, both in logistics and sales, he will simplify inter-divisional processes, in order to reach new and important results in SINERGIE.

Davide has always been a great asset for us, besides being a dear friend – says Davide Verdesca, SG Holding President & Founder – we’re glad he lived other experiences and enriched his career, because in this way he’s returning in SINERGIE with more knowledge and skills that will give a boost to the MIC division. Moreover, we expect that, alongside Davide Agarossi (SG Holding Sales Director) and Lorenzo Dossena (Events Division Director), he will give his contribution to an inclusive growth, moving beyond the single Division. Our mission is to leave our “mark” in the hearts of our client, who will always be the center of our commitment and strategy”.

Together with Davide, whose negotiation was managed in a few days, will work the newest MICE Creative Unit: the Unit of copywriters and art directors exclusively dedicated to MIC projects.

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